Cummins Insite Software

Cummins insite software is a PC-based tool that allows quick and easy access to the engines electronic performance information. This enables faster service turnarounds, which can reduce downtime and increase productivity and profits. INSITE provides diagnostic procedures and troubleshooting guidance, wiring diagrams and fault information in one application. With INSITE, technicians can save time and money by diagnosing problems right the first time, and without having to remove the engine to test drive it.

INSITE offers multiple benefits for both the professional mechanic cummins insite software and the home garage enthusiast. Besides the ability to read and clear codes (the Cummins codes are different than OBD II), it can also monitor parameters, live monitor, set and reset the short term duty cycle monitor maps, perform grid heater tests, cycle the lift pump, perform cylinder cutout tests, and do calibration downloads. Additionally, INSITE can display a variety of diagnostic flow charts and can show the wiring diagrams for any selected component.

The software comes in two versions – Lite and Pro. Lite is cheaper but offers almost all of the same functionality as Pro. While Pro is more expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment for those shops that work on cummins diesel trucks. Pro gives you the ability to do horsepower upgrades and load calibration files.

Both INSITE Lite and INSITE Pro have built in engine drawings and schematic diagrams to make working with the software even easier. With a simple click of a button, technicians can view the wiring diagrams for any component and can view or print them in color. This makes it easier to diagnose and repair any problem.

INSITE is designed with safety in mind and has features that help technicians avoid any hazards while working on the truck or equipment. This includes an integrated Fault Guidance system that offers troubleshooting guidance, diagnostic procedures and wiring diagrams for every component on the vehicle. It also has a powerful search feature that lets you find specific components or repairs quickly and easily.

The INSITE software has been updated to version 8.5, and now it is available with a professional level of access. It can be used on Windows XP or later, and it has a minimum requirement of 1 GB of RAM. It also requires a hard disk with at least 2 GB of free space.

The INSITE software also includes a comprehensive library of wiring diagrams for all Cummins electronic components. This makes it much easier for technicians to identify the correct wires in a wiring harness and eliminates costly mistakes. It also has a graphical monitoring feature that allows users to visually monitor and log engine data in a graph format. This is a great way for technicians to see their progress over time, as well as for managers to track the effectiveness of training. The software can also be customized to fit the needs of each shop or company, making it a versatile tool for any technician.