How to Find the Best Drum Lessons on YouTube and Other Platforms

Whether you’re looking to learn the drums yourself or help your child learn, you want to make sure they’re getting the best instruction. While it’s ideal to have one-to-one private lessons with an instructor (and this is something we recommend for anyone who can afford it) if that’s not possible or you just can’t fit them into your schedule then online video drum lessons are a good option.

The good news is that there are a lot of different best drum lessons in toronto out there on YouTube and other online platforms but what you need to look out for is the quality of the teacher and the content of the lesson. If you or your child is starting out then we would recommend checking out Drumeo Edge which offers full, detailed lessons from a highly regarded drummer and educator Mike Johnston. He really cares about teaching and it shows in the quality of his lessons. His approach is easy to follow and he provides plenty of camera angles and complete notation for all of his lessons. There’s also a huge range of songs and beats that you can play along with.

It’s also worth checking out drumming lessons from other teachers on the platform such as Lionel Michalkow who is a great tutor and provides some fantastic basic foundation courses for beginners. He starts off with some simple warm-ups and stretches to prevent injury and then gets into the basics of playing drums using a quarter note rock beat. He then goes into how this groove can be played in other styles of music and gives examples of how to do so.

Another good teacher is Jared Falk who does some very basic and easy to follow lessons for beginner drummers. This is a good way to start learning drumming and is a very popular choice for many beginners. He also covers how to set up the kit in a comfortable and ergonomic way so that moving around the drums becomes effortless. He also talks about tuning the drums and provides some excellent tips on how to practice efficiently.

Lastly there are lessons available from a variety of other teachers on the site including Simon James who is a very experienced and talented teacher. He’s very focused on developing the basics of drumming and has a really interesting presentation style. He has lots of free lessons that you can check out on the site to get a feel for his presenting style.

You’ll also find a good selection of drums kits and accessories on the site which is always helpful for those who are just starting out. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Drum Ambition has an app so you can learn drums on the go too. Their lessons are arranged systematically depending on your skill level and you can pay monthly or annually with plans starting at $29 for the beginner options and up to $499 for their Pro package which includes one-to-one video chat lessons with an instructor each month.